Latest weapons:

Apache AH-64 attack helicopterIts 30mm M230 Chain gun can quickly take care of any threat. It can also carry a mixture of AGM-114 Hellfire and Hydra 70 rocket pods on four hardpoints mounted on its stub-wing pylons.
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RBS 70 air defense missileDesigned by Sweden and used all over the world since 1977. This so called Man Portable air defense system has been made for harsh environments where every shot matters.

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| M110

M24 has a new successor M 110 sniper rifle


M110 Semi-Automatic sniper rifle was designed to combine perfectly accuracy, firepower, light-weight and rate of firing in one single weapon.
It uses an instant kill 7.62x51mm NATO ammunition, the same as its predecessor M24. Manufacturer Knight's Armament Company tried to keep the M24's accuracy when designing the M110.
It also uses a very efficient sound and muzzle flash suppressor which can make all the difference in sniper missions where stealth is most important.

M110 uses the updated rail system design wth integral folding front 600 meter back-up iron sight. It has adjustable buttstock and uses
KAC's 30 mm scope. Another unique feature this sniper rifle possesses is a thermal optical sight which enables the shooter to see even through fog, dense smoke or at night.

This weapon is being used in the US army since 2009 and it is also being sold commercially under High Power Rifle Rules.

M110 sniper rifle