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RBS 70 air defense missileDesigned by Sweden and used all over the world since 1977. This so called Man Portable air defense system has been made for harsh environments where every shot matters.

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| F2000 rifle

F2000 assault rifle


They call it the weapon of 21 st century. It was developed in 2001 by the Belgian manufacturer Fabrique Nationale.

in Herstal this 5.56mm assault rifle was a breakthrough in design and development in light assault weapons. Modular weapon system F2000 uses 5.56×45mm caliber assault rifle bullets and it can held up to 30-round in a case. The rifle is almost entirely built out of a polymer plastic. This rifle is a gas-operated design utilizing a short-stroke piston system.

One of the design improvements was one-hand firing capability. Soldiers don't need to hold the rifle with two hands anymore which gives a shooter more mobility.

Rifle consists of two assemblies: barrel and receiver which are joined together.

On the top of the barrel group there is MIL-STD-1913 rail which is used for mounting different optical sights and is also used as a carrying handle. This rifle uses all the latest gadgets such as: built-in laser sight, halogen tactical lights, a 40mm grenade launcher (for example M203), shotgun and less lethal launcher.

The F2000 ejection system is also brand new, ejecting spent cartridge casings forward and to the right side of the gun. When firing the shooter can choose between three modes: safe, semi-automatic and fully automatic.

Few variants have been developed for a different purposes:

F2000 Tactical: it lacks the optical sight and comes with an extended top receiver
FS2000: is legal for civilians, semi-automatic version
FS2000 Tactical: is equipped with extended barrel and attached flash suppressor
FS2000 Standard: it lacks a grenade launcher computer, it is equipped with F2000 1.6x magnification optic sight

It is used by army in several countries: East Timor, Belgium, Chile, Croatia, India, Pakistan, Peru, Poland, Saudi Arabia and Slovenia.

This gun is still in process of testing and has not yet seen any major combats. Some sources even say that the rifle is too complex to handle it in combat. It must be assembled with

great care to avoid fracturing any small parts.

F2000 assault rifleSpecifications:

Weight: 3.8 kg (8.38 lb) (F2000)

3.6 kg (7.9 lb) (F2000 Tactical)

Length: 690 mm (27.2 in)

Barrel length: 400 mm (15.7 in)

Cartridge: 5.56x45mm NATO

Action: Gas-operated

Rate of fire: 850 rounds/min

Muzzle velocity: 900 m/s (2,953 ft/s)

Effective range: 500 m

Feed system: 30-round detachable STANAG magazine

Sights:1.6x magnified telescopic sight


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