Latest weapons:

Apache AH-64 attack helicopterIts 30mm M230 Chain gun can quickly take care of any threat. It can also carry a mixture of AGM-114 Hellfire and Hydra 70 rocket pods on four hardpoints mounted on its stub-wing pylons.
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RBS 70 air defense missileDesigned by Sweden and used all over the world since 1977. This so called Man Portable air defense system has been made for harsh environments where every shot matters.

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| MiG 27

MiG 27 Russian ground attack aircraft


On the rise the Cold war Soviet's needed an upgrade, for their MiG-21 which range was not efficient. The ground-attack version MiG-27 was picked out to serve Russia's air force. It first flew in 1972 as a single seat version. One major characteristic that MiG-27 got from its predecessor MiG-21 was the "swing wing". Used for maximum performance at all time the "swing wing" system could swap between three positions:
16 degree angle for take-off, 45 degree angle for normal cruise and 72 degrees angle for maximum speed. It could reach up to 1885 km/h (1170mph). MiG-27 is also called an upgrade from a MiG-23 as an optimized ground attack variant.
MiG 27 is armed with 30mm cannon which can be used as a ground-attack weapon. With its 900 rounds a minute fire rate, it could create an effective damage over larger area. Combine that with 4000kg (8804lb) of air-to-air and air-to-ground weapons, including the napalm tanks or nuclear bombs, you get a very dangerous bomber.
It uses a state of art terrain-avoidance radar and can engage in any weather. The MiG-27 lacks the air-to-air radar relying instead on other fighter aircraft to defend it. Although MiG-27 is an older type of an aircraft it is still used by many nations around the globe. It had a major role in Afghanistan from 1979-1989, Iran-Iraq War and during the Gulf War in 1991.

mig 27 soviet aircraft

Specifications and characteristics:

Power - one 78.5kN dry and 112.8kN with afterburning turbojet
Max speed - 1885km/h (1170mph)
Max initial rate of climb - 39,370 ft/min
Service ceiling - 45,930ft
Combat radius - 225km (no external fuel), 540km (three drop tanks)
Wings span - 13.97m (45ft 10in) extended; 7.78m (25ft 6in) swept
Length - 17.08m (56ft)
Height - 5m (16ft 5in)
Wing area - 37.4sqm (402.1sq ft)