Latest weapons:

Apache AH-64 attack helicopterIts 30mm M230 Chain gun can quickly take care of any threat. It can also carry a mixture of AGM-114 Hellfire and Hydra 70 rocket pods on four hardpoints mounted on its stub-wing pylons.
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RBS 70 air defense missileDesigned by Sweden and used all over the world since 1977. This so called Man Portable air defense system has been made for harsh environments where every shot matters.

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| mk44

MK44 Bushmaster chain gun


MK44 is an upgrade from 25mm M242 Bushmaster to a fearsome 30mm chain gun (30×173mm). Upgrade did not bring just a new caliber and with it more firepower but also new ammunition which can be set to preexplode when in front of the enemy. The gun can destroy almost any light armored vehicle and can also engage in urban environment where the concrete wall is no obstacle. It also uses a very powerful GAU-8 Avenger ammunition, which can be fired 200 times per minute and efficient in ranges up to 3000 meters away depending on the type of the ammunition.
MK44 can be placed on almost any ground vehicle(CV90), gunship(Type 23 frigate) or even aircraft(AC-130 Lockheed) and is remote controlled from the weapon stating
which can be placed inside any vehicle.

mk44 bushmaster 2

Ammunition used:
M791 Armor Piercing Discarding Sabot with Tracer
M792 High Explosive Incendiary with Tracer and Self Destruct
M793 Target Practice with Tracer
M910 Target Practice Discarding Sabot with Tracer
MK210 High Explosive Incendiary with Tracer
M919 Armor-Piercing, Fin-Stabilized Discarding Sabot With Tracer